Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recovery of Past Education

R. W. finished Method I Word Clearing. This is an action done to recover a person's education. Here is what he said about the action: "The first time it was mentioned to me that one can recover his past education I asked myself that and my answer was "Sign me up!" It works! It's such a great feeling to be able to remember my long lost education."

Friday, October 02, 2009

Improving Memory

F.K. finished the Self Analysis course. Here are her successes: "The things that I learned and had success with in this course is improving my memory. I learned how to audit myself and others. Also, I expanded my knowledge on the tone scale. Over all it was a great course".

Moving Into and Enjoying New Activities!

R.W. finished Expanded Grade IV. This is an action where the person moves out of fixed conditions and is able to do other things. Here's what he had to say about the action: "At this level it was easy!! And full of gains. I look back at the observed suppression, of justification of right and wrong of me, others, another with full and complete understanding and ease. Such a relief!! Thanks LRH."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Expanding Awareness

R.W completed the Milestone One lecture course. Here are his wins: “A great piece of data to realize the 3rd and 4th dynamics [urges, drives or impulses of life for groups and mankind] and most revealing of the theta [energy peculiar to life] lines. Now I know!”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Science Of Survival

L.J. completed the Science of Survival Book Course. She says: “After completing this course I realized that auditing is not such an intimidating or esoteric aspect of Dianetics. Auditing does take knowledge of the Tone Scale and of which techniques to utilize according to the preclear’s tone. Ultimately, Dianetics Processing is very helpful and even indispensable. Through erasure of engrams, the preclear’s tone is permanently raised! What a great humanitarian act auditing proves to be!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Postpartum Depression

Here is some vital data about the dangerous proposed Mothers Act from See the link for the full article.


Pregnant woman The Melanie Stokes Postpartum Depression Research and Care Act, also known as the Mothers Act, is a federal bill named after Melanie Stokes, a woman who suffered emotional difficulties after giving birth and was subsequently prescribed a cocktail of intensely controversial psychiatric drugs including anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant drugs (documented by the US FDA to cause worsening depression, mania and suicidal ideation) before being subjected to electroshock treatment.

Melanie Stokes was in the mental health system, was prescribed drugs, was hospitalized, was subjected to the still barbaric practice of electroshock and then committed suicide. That is what the mental health industry did for a new mother named Melanie Stokes. It is incredible that a story such as this does not raise alarm bells within Congress on the negligence of prescribing cocktails of psychiatric drugs to new mothers, drugs documented by the US FDA and international drug regulatory agencies to cause worsening depression, depersonalization, mania, psychosis, suicidal and homicidal ideation. Conversely the bill before Congress entitled the "Mothers Act", which already passed the House of Representatives and is now before the Senate, will assuredly increase new mothers being prescribed these deadly drugs, the most common treatment for women diagnosed with postpartum depression...."

For the full article, go to

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hubbard Dianetics Auditors Course

Carol and David both completed the newly revamped Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course and are ready to supervise you and audit you at the SoMa Mission. Here is what Carol had to say, "I had a wonderful time on the Hubbard Dianetics Auditors Course - with the fantastic new DVD, the step-by-step drills, and LRH's penetrating lectures, has given me the stable data of how to accomplish miracles every time. The materials are not difficult. The techniques are not difficult. I look forward to more wins from my preclears, as well as hearing the wins of the auditors who will be joining me in easing the troubles of family, friends, and the society at large. If you ever have had a moment in time where you wished you could deliver some effective help but hesitated...hesitate no more. Do this course. Have fun. Get effective!"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How did Dianetics come into being?

N.R completed the Evolution of a Science Book Course. He says, "The basic book Evolution of a Science really helped me understand how Dianetics came into being. Really interesting. I would strongly recommend doing this course at the SoMa Mission. I feel so happy and extremly grateful to L. Ron Hubbard and the SoMa staff."
You can have wins like this! Come on down.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Upsets Gone!

RW completed Expanded Grade III and says, "You gotta do this grade!! SUCH a relief! Anyone can-do."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life can get tough

GM completed The Way to Happiness Book Course. She says, "It made me realize that even though life can get tough, it doesn't mean that when you fall down that's the end of the road. You get up and keep going. When I read this book it made me think not to be close minded and to be positive. My friends and family have seen a change in me. I laugh more and communicate better with people."

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought

CH completed the book course for Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought. He said, "I have a better understanding of the basics of Scientology and more confidence in what I know in Scientology."

Monday, July 06, 2009

Confessional Auditing

DL completed Confessional Auditing. He said, "I enjoyed my auditing very much. It was definitely a turning point for me. I have had a lot of auditing before this point and it was all amazing but this was very therapeutic for me. I now feel like I can look into the past and I don't have to cringe at the mistakes that I have made. This frees up a lot of my attention and allows me to go out there and live!
My love for myself and others grew so much. It created the kind of effect that I think L. Ron Hubbard would have wanted for me. Thanks Ron. You are a true friend."

Friday, July 03, 2009

Way to Happiness

Elaine completed The Way to Happiness Book Course and says, "I feel the precepts of this course have made me aware that I can chart my own course instead of heading aimlessly along life's path. I have perimeters and a clearer destination ahead."

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


NR had a success on a drill on the Success Through Communication Course. He says, "­This is amazing. I recently had been addressing “my” thetan (Scientology term for the person himself as a spiritual being) as a separate “thing”. Like my car, home, dog, career, a past moment or something in the future. Basically as “a thing”. Not in me, not me but some undefined thing that required little attention or concern. I kind of had a strong feeling that there was more to me than just my body but had rarely accessed it throughout my lifetime. I know that I have been guided by “me/thetan/I” all my life. In the most happy moments and most difficult moments because I have always had a strong sense of knowingness that I was okay and more importantly that everything was and is okay, in an eternal way. That I am a good thetan, have been before and will be again. This makes me smile. Can a thetan smile? I am.

Okay so I have on July 1, 2009 met my first other thetan in present time. I know exactly what happened as I sat there being with/interacting, saying “hello” to another thetan. The room dissolved around me and a warmth came upon my body that I have never felt before, never! Then I viewed, not with my eyes, I viewed the other thetan and thought “So there is a thetan- how cool!”. I have never in this lifetime interacted with another thetan. The funny thing is I knew I was being with a thetan, no doubt. I must have met thetans before many times and forgotten. I remember the experience has always been ground breaking/life altering. Today my life has changed for that I am eternally grateful to the thetan known as LRH, Scientology and the thetan known as David. So this is me, the “I’! Sitting here I feel overwhelmed for a second. I know this is the greatest day in my life. I met the “me” that I have been searching for, traveling the world, searching high and low- and all the time I was here, me! My course room supervisor at the SoMa Mission, 566 Folsom Street, between the hours of 3:15-500 pm on July 1, 2009! David provided the space to allow me to be fully present/actualized! Thank you as I move forward as a thetan! Great meeting another one, what an infinite gift I have received and I must say I really enjoyed meeting the first other thetan in this life cycle. The important thing to communicate is that David knew what I was experiencing and let me experience it. Then we talked about what had occurred and how remarkable it was!!! Sure is fun meeting another thetan, thetan to thetan!"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Relief from Hostilities and Sufferings

RW completed Expanded Grade II. This auditing addresses the mechanism by which bitterness and hatred come into existence. The processes of Grade II enable a person to eradicate these hostilities and sufferings from his life. He said, "Hostilities in all forms can be handled and completion of Grade II gives one such a relief that everyone must do it!"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Problems of Work Book Course

A.C. completed the Problems of Work Book Course. She says, "The best thing for me about this course was being able to help my husband understand why his boss is such a tyrant and how he can control him more effectively. I also really appreciated the definitions of good and bad control and how each will affect people, situations and environments. I also understand how important it is to keep high Affinity,Reality and Communication and be able to handle and control your tools and co-workers. This makes me feel more able just knowing what I know!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Route to Infinity Course

Carol Nelson completed the :Route to Infinity Course and says, "This course was pure theta. There were points of relief - like 'Oh!' or 'THAT'S what I've been doing wrong!' I can apply this data to myself and others and feel I have another chunk of truth to become more cause.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Way to Happiness

J.C. completed The Way to Happiness Book Course and says, " This book couldn't have come at a better time. There has been many changes in my life and I was pretty unhappy. I felt like a failure. As I started reading this book I took each chapter and applied it in my life. I started feeling better and better. When I came upon the chapter "Be Industrious", I completely applied it. Not applying it was what had made me unhappy to begin with. It's better to have a purpose and a existence even if sometimes it's hard or a challenge. Once accomplished, it's an exhilarating experience. It is the worst to be a burden on someone else and to have no purpose. It feels good to be needed and to have a purpose in life and to your society. I have boosted up in self confidence and at my work place. I am succeeding and surprising myself more and more. I even started being industrious at home with home projects. Who knew!"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Understanding People

R.W. completed the Handbook for Preclears and Life Continuum book and lecture course. He says, “These are fantastic lectures with a wonderful revealing of why people behave like other people. This increased my knowledge - certainty, understanding, usefulness. Although it may seem like more stuff to learn, it is making me a greater cause in my life.”

On the Way to Happiness

I have completed the course on the book The Way to Happiness and I find the principles and data that I have learned from this course are very rewarding in applying to everyday living. Of course it takes studying and practicing in order to apply correctly. But I am sure this will put one on the road to happiness. I recommend this course to anyone. Sincerely, M.S - professional ballroom dancer

A Happy Universe

J.M. completed the Scientology 8-8008 Book Course and started The Creation of Human Ability Book Course. He says "I realize that agreement with the physical universe took some doing. It can be UNDONE! The data of comparable magnitude is your universe. My universe should be happy and so should yours. I am working to better my universe.

Problems Release!

RW completed Grade One. He says, "I highly recommend this process to anyone who is wondering if he should proceed or not. The reclaiming of ability and recall is astronomical when you’re no longer STUCK in the past. I now have so much more to cause in the present and future. I’ve found more data on my facsimiles so that my confidence has risen."

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


R.W. donated a Beginning Basic Book package for the libraries in the Philippines!

The Way to Happiness

Z.M. completed the Way to Happiness Course! He says: "I learned to be a good person and not to listen to all the information people say. And I learned to not break the rules and to not take drugs. And I learned to go on the Way to Happiness!!!"

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Self Analysis

C.H. completed the book course for Self Analysis. He says, "While reading this book I felt I became more aware and in control of my environment."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dictionary Success

Z.M. says: "I have handled all my problems in phonics. And I learned different punctuations. And I've learned how to use a dictionary!"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting out of the body

J.M. completed the book course for Scientology 8-80.
He says, "I had success with reading 8-80. I learned about getting out of the body. Sounds like a great idea!! I'd like to get out of the body."

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dianetics Success

G.N. completed the Dianetics Book and Lecture Course. He says, "The last time I read Dianetics was 1976. I have the understanding of the reactive mind and how it affects peoples behavior and why people are the way they are. I also see that it is needed for everyone to have this data and to receive dianetics auditing and get on the Bridge. This is a fantastic course for the understanding of the mind and human behavior. With this data I can help NOT to contribute to people's engrams and their reactive mind."

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wins with Self Analysis

M.S. completed the book course for Self Analysis and says, "This course was fantastic! I found that doing this course helped me mentally with personal problems that I am going through. It also helped me in my physical well being. The self auditing sections are a great help. I recommend the Self Analysis Course to all seeking self help."

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Way to Happiness

A.C. had a success upon completion of The Way to Happiness book course. "I am thoroughly excited to start applying the precepts in this book that I have not already been applying and Ireally appreciate the reminder on why they are so important! I have already seen some changes in my relations with others: my husband, my kids, my co-workers and my friends I also look forward to setting a better example to those around me and to getting other to apply these wonderful tools."

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Big Question

This student completed the book course for Handbook for Preclears and says, "Now this book answers the big question that human beings have had for many years. I finally have the knowledge to help me along the way of life, especially if that road is rocky. I can now understand why and problems won't seem as big as they used to. I can see my goal now and it's to survive at the most desirable state as possible to conquer this universe. I see my dynamics clearly and have upmost ARC for them. They will help me along survival and I can help them as well. Understanding cause and effect have a great usefulness to me. Especially knowing that in order to be effect I have to give permission to be effect. That is mind blowing. I saw that my body and mind are capable of doing wrong or good. I can now see the Tone Scale clearly and my journey on it through out life, good or bad, and also the relations I had with certain people during those times and how that can effect you. I can now see and use this data to determine what state I'm at and how to better it. The axioms broke everything down for me to see clearly why I need to survive and why I am always moving towards something better. "

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Problems of Work - Solved!

L.J. completed the book course for Problems of Work. She says, "This course offers guidance on how to make the best out of work. It gave me a more realistic and optimistic outlook on work. Knowing that work is actually the stable datum of life forced me to look at work as a source of comfort and security rather than a burden. It is work that gives life purpose. Throughout my time spent on this course, my work life presented numerous challenges. At my work I was faced with the reality of having my hours cut and unpredictable scheduling. After finishing my course, my job situation took a turn for the better. For the last couple of weeks I have been working more consistently and mostly on day shift rather than exclusively on graveyard shift. The concept that life is a game, and that work (which occupies most of our life) is just one more necessary game, forced me to view work as a challenging game, which can exert some control over."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Handbook for Preclears - Success

J.M completed the course for the book Handbook for Preclears and says, "I liked the book. The two key data that I enjoyed the most were "randomity"- its importance to theta; and self confidence - its simplified and workable definition. I also liked going over the logics and axioms again because they are key to understanding what life is doing and what things are at work."

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Scientology 8-8008

When I read the definition of 8-8008 in the beginning of this book I understood it. But at the close, it is defined again. It seemed like an entirely different definition but it wasn't. I just had finally really got it! This is absolutely my favorite book. L. Ron Hubbard gave me the gift to create my own universe again successfully. I started crying (in a good way) when he said that our imaginations as a child are real, it's our own universe. And how we sink into agreement with the physical universe due to people invalidating our views and imagination. I remember sitting on the swings when I was five and having a conversation with two people that my older babysitter couldn't see. She invalidated me and got mad because I was giving them more attention then her. I had a really magical life up until that point. I'm starting to see peeks of it again. Everyday I practice disagreeing with the physical universe & I always end up with a big smile. It's so much fun! I feel free, like I dropped a lot of mental mass. Yes, I guess you could say I had some success with this book! Ml & thanks. L.G.. P.s. As a staff member, this book has changed my viewpoint and rocked my world. I'm not sure how I got products without it.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Learning How to Learn

Z.D. completed the Children's Study Course, Learning How to Learn. He says, "I have learned the three barriers to study: lack of mass, skipped gradients and misunderstood words. I learned how to learn and how to find a misunderstood word."

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Self Analysis helps young mom

A.C. completed the Self Analysis Book course. Here is her success story: “This course opened my eyes to a lot of mistakes that can be made in parenting, some I am guilty of myself. I am extremely grateful to now know what not to do with my kids to ensure they group up happy and able. I am so excited to also use these lists on myself to become more able and happy and to better handle and adjust my environment to me. I will use this processing and this data for the rest of my life. Thank you!”

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Science of Survival

C.H. completed the Science of Survival Book course and says, "I liked reading this book because while reading, my opinion of others increased and the data in this book is very practical because it gives you more control of your environment. You can spot the dangers of others well in advance and can also strengthen relationships that are more up tone. I understand the title now –You have to deal with others and this is the science behind your survival with others."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Introductory Dianetics Auditing

L.J. completed an intensive of Introductory Dianetics Auditing and says, “During the last session of my auditing intensive, I was asked to recall two additional incidents involving loss, as well as two incidents involving pleasure. I was very surprised with my own ability to recall and experience the emotions which I believed were repressed and lying dormant. In one incident regarding the loss of an aunt, I was able to visualize the condition of her body as well as the frame of mind I was in shortly before and after her death. I also found it beneficial to recount incidents of pleasure. During one incident which occurred only one year ago, I was able to relive a very wonderful and happy gathering which I hadn’t really dwelled on lately. Overall, I felt very calm and serene at the end of my session.”

Increase in Responsibility

J.M. completed the Advanced Procedures and Axioms Book Course. He says, “I had a great cognition about responsibility, efforts and counter-efforts. I began to be willing to be cause of a counter-effort and proceeded to assume cause of a counter-effort. The result was a shift from effect to cause!! I am and can be responsible!! I no longer feel that ‘clear’ is farfetched. I just need to take responsibility for being ‘clear and I will be ‘clear’!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Children's Communication Course

Two students completed the Children’s Communication Course. This is a course which teaches a person to listen well and get his ideas across. Here are their success stories:

"I had success with better communication ever since I attended this class. I gained more confidence in my communication skills and learned to pay attention to details. I learned how to communicate better with other people - better than before I joined this class." J.D.

"I had a success with speaking clearly and not moving a lot and not laughing so much and understanding and being nice to each other." Z.D.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Basic Scientology Study

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought Book Course. She says, "It has been wonderful learning the material on this course and being able to apply Scientology principles to my life again. It has given me a renewed sense of control over myself and my life. My relationship with my kids and my husband have improved. My communication skills have even improved! Thank you SoMa Mission and L Ron Hubbard!"