Sunday, March 07, 2010

Major Relief

L. L. completed the Happiness Rundown spiritual counseling, which helps a person feel they really are on the way to happiness: "I feel major, major relief! I was super weighed down with so much crap! I realized I have looked up to, believed and followed people whose emotional state was very low during my childhood and early adulthood- hence the false data and nasty valences. But underneath this, my biggest realization was that I wasn't really that stupid, needy and unobservant- I decided I had to be that way as a baby/tiny person in order to be part of my family dynamic. They wanted a "baby", a sweet, stupid baby. So, I pulled the blanket over my eyes and went along with their game. It feels great to remember this and especially to get back all that I lost. I can write again and draw things from my imagination (which was a big ruin of mine for years). I have always had amazing stories in my head but I could never fully translate them onto paper. That barrier is now gone. All of this is quite amazing and it all started with getting the tech from the PTS/SP course. This made it possible for me to even get in session! I continued a strong comm line with Mr. Hubbard evey day (during study) and this kept the realizations coming and saved my life from a potential situation with a crazy person. I love my group (Soma Mission) and you guys have no idea how much I appreciate you for supporting me and helping me regain these abilities. I will never, ever, ever desert you or screw you guys over- you are my family forever!"

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Knowing the Effects of Drugs

Z. M. completed the Drug Book Course. He had this to say about it: "The drug book was really helpful. I will never take drugs ever. Now I will have a good life from learning how bad drugs are. The drug book really helps. Now you should take it too."

Friday, March 05, 2010

Getting to Know the Basics of Life

J. M. completed the Fundamentals of Thought Book Course (and this completed all his Basic book courses!). He said: "I thoroughly enjoyed Fundamentals of Thought. I came to the realization of importance's. The game of life can be won when one knows its Fundamentals!"