Friday, February 27, 2009

The Big Question

This student completed the book course for Handbook for Preclears and says, "Now this book answers the big question that human beings have had for many years. I finally have the knowledge to help me along the way of life, especially if that road is rocky. I can now understand why and problems won't seem as big as they used to. I can see my goal now and it's to survive at the most desirable state as possible to conquer this universe. I see my dynamics clearly and have upmost ARC for them. They will help me along survival and I can help them as well. Understanding cause and effect have a great usefulness to me. Especially knowing that in order to be effect I have to give permission to be effect. That is mind blowing. I saw that my body and mind are capable of doing wrong or good. I can now see the Tone Scale clearly and my journey on it through out life, good or bad, and also the relations I had with certain people during those times and how that can effect you. I can now see and use this data to determine what state I'm at and how to better it. The axioms broke everything down for me to see clearly why I need to survive and why I am always moving towards something better. "