Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recent Successes

JM finished Science of Survival book and says, “I am more aware of theta and entheta and I am not so adversely affected by entheta. I see myself as more of a positive influence on others. “

CN completed the Advanced Procedure and Axioms book and lecture course and says, “Sometimes on this course I felt like I was moving blocks of concrete- and towards the end actually realized I had! Oddly enough, somewhere on the journey I lost some masses, some seriousness, some effort…some somethings! I feel much calmer and more secure in some of the things I know because I got BASIC about it!”

DL finished Milestone One lecture course. Here is his success story: “I loved this course. It was very exciting. After all it is the first course in Scientology. I understand Scientology and what it is and what it means so much better. You get the feeling on this course that some exciting things are coming.”

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grammar and Communication Course

The book, Grammar and Communication:
  • Communicates why grammar and word order are important to be understood.
  • Communicates basic grammar concepts with easy to understand illustrations.
  • Removes complexity from the subject.
  • Teaches how grammar can be used to communicate. Instead of teaching a bunch of rules that one must learn to pass a test.
This book presents grammar in a logical, step-by-step sequence. It helps people to understand the basic building blocks of the English language and how to use those building blocks to better communicate, express their thoughts and understand what they read.

F.K. completed the course on this book and said, "Thanks to this course I can write, read and have better conversations now. It's an easy basic course that helps a lot."

Personal Values and Integrity

N.K. completed the Life Improvement Course, Personal Values and Integrity. Here is what she has to say: Now I have the knowledge that has empowered me to take true responsibility for my decisions and have true control over my life. I'm not held down by the guilt of the past because I know that I am not those actions. And even more importantly, I know that I can create any action and response that I choose. I want to prosper as myself, as a family, as a group, as mankind and to infinity."

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Scientology Expanded Grade III

David completed Scientology Expanded Grade III today. On Grade III processes a person locates specific incidents where upsetting change occurred in life and addresses these so that they no longer adversely affect the person. Some of the processes also enhance the ability of the individual to create positive change in himself or his environment. This grade gives the person the freedom to face the future with freedom from the upsets of the past. Here is David's success story: "I have had many life changing sessions on this grade. I have had a lot of worry about life fade away. I can take what life has to give. In looking back on my life from this new viewpoint, it is difficult to find any periods that I would consider to be bad. Thank you Carol (his auditor). You rock. Thank you Ron for this grade. You are an inspiration."