Thursday, February 05, 2009

Scientology 8-8008

When I read the definition of 8-8008 in the beginning of this book I understood it. But at the close, it is defined again. It seemed like an entirely different definition but it wasn't. I just had finally really got it! This is absolutely my favorite book. L. Ron Hubbard gave me the gift to create my own universe again successfully. I started crying (in a good way) when he said that our imaginations as a child are real, it's our own universe. And how we sink into agreement with the physical universe due to people invalidating our views and imagination. I remember sitting on the swings when I was five and having a conversation with two people that my older babysitter couldn't see. She invalidated me and got mad because I was giving them more attention then her. I had a really magical life up until that point. I'm starting to see peeks of it again. Everyday I practice disagreeing with the physical universe & I always end up with a big smile. It's so much fun! I feel free, like I dropped a lot of mental mass. Yes, I guess you could say I had some success with this book! Ml & thanks. L.G.. P.s. As a staff member, this book has changed my viewpoint and rocked my world. I'm not sure how I got products without it.