Monday, May 21, 2007

Auditing Win

Matt has now completed his Happiness Rundown: I realized that cetain incidents in my past that I would look at were "trouble spots" that were exactely when something "bad" happened. Whether it was overts or pain, it seemed to have stuck attention on it. In looking it over and handling whatever it was that was wrong makes it an alright memory. I'm pretty happy about it and feeling good about it. Cool stuff! The best part was seeing kinda how I work.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Win from Life Repair

Here's what a person getting auditing on Life Repair Auditing has to say:
Major Gain!! The change of my being has just became very real to me, as if traveling through a tunnel for a very long time and then suddenly popping out of the tunnel's end and seeing daylight and the rest of the world. In short, I know that I'm getting closer to becoming CLEAR.

Now a week later, Ricky has completed his Life Repair and said this in his success story, "The time spent auditing opened up a whole new understanding and personal acknowledgment of my beingness. My outlook of myself and its limitless potential has gone beyond just me, it includes my whole universe. I highly recommend this to those who have not realized yet what they can do."

Study wins

I had course on Monday. It was great! I finally grasped the idea of the Danger Formula and the idea of the conditions for that matter. I realize that I become entrubulated because I don't have simple technical points in. This certain realization brought a huge sense of calm to me. I instantly didn't feel so anxious. I felt like my life was that much more confrontable. I felt a hope of being more cause. I have a better chance at this game :) - Jordan

Friday, May 04, 2007

Success from a Field Staff Member

Here's what one of our Field Staff Members had to say this week about the technical delivery at the SoMa Mission:

"I finally got my brother back on the Bridge after 15 years. He bought his Life Repair at the SoMa Mission and called me several times to itsa on how excited he was. He knows he is going to handle what he wants and go free.

I had to keep my TRs in all these years and continued to grant beingness to him even as he was going downhill. I knew the time was approaching when he declared to me that his life was going so well and perfect. Something was up with his life...

Well, he called me today with a huge win!! Though I always knew he was pretty smart, he felt illiterate and today he said "I can now read, I can read and clear up my words!" It was a huge win for him and he now wants to go Clear! He also said he was SO glad to have me for his brother.

He had a huge win, and so did I.

Thanks you guys at SoMa Mission! Actually, thanks to everyone on staff anywhere to make wins like this possible!!!"

Harry Wong

Virtual Tour - Courseroom

Here are some photos of the courseroom! Theory above and practical below.