Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Way to Happiness

J.C. completed The Way to Happiness Book Course and says, " This book couldn't have come at a better time. There has been many changes in my life and I was pretty unhappy. I felt like a failure. As I started reading this book I took each chapter and applied it in my life. I started feeling better and better. When I came upon the chapter "Be Industrious", I completely applied it. Not applying it was what had made me unhappy to begin with. It's better to have a purpose and a existence even if sometimes it's hard or a challenge. Once accomplished, it's an exhilarating experience. It is the worst to be a burden on someone else and to have no purpose. It feels good to be needed and to have a purpose in life and to your society. I have boosted up in self confidence and at my work place. I am succeeding and surprising myself more and more. I even started being industrious at home with home projects. Who knew!"