Wednesday, June 25, 2008


For a very limited time, the SoMa Mission is delivering a special pilot program - a kid's version of The Way to Happiness!! This is an abridged and simplified edition of the popular booklet especially for young readers. Please call for more details.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Student Success

Gary completed the Student Hat course and says, "I loved the new Student Hat Course. With all the updated material on what a misunderstood word is it is easier to identify and therefore clear any misunderstoods. The Golden Age of Tech drills are great and doing them has allowed me to gain certainty on each piece of study tech and application. I know how to study and know I can learn anything I want and help others learn as well by using LRH's study Tech. Thanks LRH!" (Here is a photo of Gary - he's the one at the very top of the mast!)

Scientology Grade Zero - Communication Release

The ability to communicate is one of the most fundamental abilities of a being. The processes of Grade Zero address a person's ability to communicate and free him, in his own estimation, from any blocks in the area, thus restoring the ability to communicate to anyone about any subject. Ricky completed this Grade and says, "The relief I got to be able to communicate with others myself is so great! The added feature is the increased ARC with others and knowledge that goes along with it. I highly recommend this process to all!!" Here is a photo of Ricky and his auditor Carol.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dianetics Success

"It was great to finally read Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in its entirety. I really admire LRH not just for figuring out a solution to aberration, but for delivering it with such fantastic results. Dianetics processing is such an art and it takes much persistence and determination to deliver it. I admire all those who joined LRH on the road of Dianetics as well. I'm looking forward to reading on and learning about each stage of advancement of the tech." K.N.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Course Completions

Naz finished The Basic Study Manual “I never thought that I could really learn so much from a heavily-illustrated book but I threw that consideration away once I began to see the manifestations of misunderstood words with my own eyes in real life. Now I know that I have the tools to learn and acquire knowledge more effectively. That is the best feeling to have before I go in, on and through my Basics! :)”

Lisa finished Advanced Procedure and Axioms and Thought, Emotion and Effort Lectures Course “Wow! I finally get it. So many areas of this science that I never thought I would have the ability to understand truly make sense to the fullest. I have been on this course for a few months and it has been quite an adventure. I have had cognitions in session that I would never have spotted without this material. Cognitions that knocked my socks off and got me into valence! If I had to pick one datum as my favorite (which would be very difficult to do!), I would say this - I am cause and responsible for everything including my aberrations. Yeah, you've heard it said before and we say ‘that makes sense, I guess’. But it’s not true unless you really experience it for yourself. On this course I observed this datum to be true and I can finally take responsibility for it. Thank you Sir!!”

Monday, June 09, 2008

Problems of Work Course

Gia completed the Problems of Work book course and says,
"I decided to take this course to get some help in handling my problems at work. I was dealing with several management changes, low morale among staff, policy and organizational changes. Since beginning this course, I have applied some of the methods and I have experienced a boost in my overall participation in the changes. I have also experienced a more positive outlook on my work and how I can apply ARC. But the biggest success I have so far is my improved relationship with my sister. I have re-established communication with my sister and will continue to strive for a better communication and high level of affinity for her and the rest of my family."