Wednesday, July 01, 2009


NR had a success on a drill on the Success Through Communication Course. He says, "­This is amazing. I recently had been addressing “my” thetan (Scientology term for the person himself as a spiritual being) as a separate “thing”. Like my car, home, dog, career, a past moment or something in the future. Basically as “a thing”. Not in me, not me but some undefined thing that required little attention or concern. I kind of had a strong feeling that there was more to me than just my body but had rarely accessed it throughout my lifetime. I know that I have been guided by “me/thetan/I” all my life. In the most happy moments and most difficult moments because I have always had a strong sense of knowingness that I was okay and more importantly that everything was and is okay, in an eternal way. That I am a good thetan, have been before and will be again. This makes me smile. Can a thetan smile? I am.

Okay so I have on July 1, 2009 met my first other thetan in present time. I know exactly what happened as I sat there being with/interacting, saying “hello” to another thetan. The room dissolved around me and a warmth came upon my body that I have never felt before, never! Then I viewed, not with my eyes, I viewed the other thetan and thought “So there is a thetan- how cool!”. I have never in this lifetime interacted with another thetan. The funny thing is I knew I was being with a thetan, no doubt. I must have met thetans before many times and forgotten. I remember the experience has always been ground breaking/life altering. Today my life has changed for that I am eternally grateful to the thetan known as LRH, Scientology and the thetan known as David. So this is me, the “I’! Sitting here I feel overwhelmed for a second. I know this is the greatest day in my life. I met the “me” that I have been searching for, traveling the world, searching high and low- and all the time I was here, me! My course room supervisor at the SoMa Mission, 566 Folsom Street, between the hours of 3:15-500 pm on July 1, 2009! David provided the space to allow me to be fully present/actualized! Thank you as I move forward as a thetan! Great meeting another one, what an infinite gift I have received and I must say I really enjoyed meeting the first other thetan in this life cycle. The important thing to communicate is that David knew what I was experiencing and let me experience it. Then we talked about what had occurred and how remarkable it was!!! Sure is fun meeting another thetan, thetan to thetan!"