Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wins with Scientology Basics Courses

Ricky completed the Science of Survival Course and says, “This course fully defines what a person’s next move may be. An auditor with the use of this book can be greatly effective in helping a person to regain a great amount of theta.”

Lisa had a success today in an auditing session, “I realized that I have been in my Grandmas valence. It was easy to spot this due to my recent studies on the Advanced Procedure and Axioms course. This is such a cool discovery! My grandma is a wonderful lady but she worries about everything to the max including worrying about herself. Just like I have. I have always gotten really upset with her because of the way she worries and I often snap at her. I know why now. I feel like I just lost 10 lbs- layers of criticalness, fear and tenseness.”

Monday, May 19, 2008

Success with Dianetics Auditing

Gia received Dianetics® Auditing at the SoMa Dianetics Foundation. Here is her Success Story after completing:

“I have a new found feeling of lightness and happiness. I just know that I'm living and will continue to be living a life filled with joy."

Check out the new updated website about Dianetics technology:

Friday, May 02, 2008

Scientology Grade Completion

Hildegarde (pictured on left with her auditor Hillary) completed Grade Zero Expanded! The auditing on this Grade results in a Communication Release where the preclear rehabilitates the freedom in communication and the ability to talk and listen to others about any subject. Here is her success story:
"During this auditing, I saw that I was truly not a very good participant in communication. I had many cognitions about my behavior, such as I interrupt too much, get nervous and my train of thought is confusing.
Now, my friends, my co-workers and the people around me notice the changes. They all say, 'There's something different about you.' The calmness and feeling comfortable is listening and observing people around me. I feel very comfortable in front of higher-ups and in discussing anything. I don't feel intimidated by anyone unlike before. My biggest win is having better understanding of my relationship with my mom.
Thank you so much to the SoMa Mission staff for their support and love and understanding. Thank you very much to L. Ron Hubbard - you are giving me back my life, the life that was meant for me to have. I love you."

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Assist Seminar Results

Last week's Assist Seminar was a great success! Attendees learned how to do some basic assist processes and got to practice on each other. Here's what some had to say: Being at this lecture was an inspiration and a great reminder that I know how to use the information on assists." "I came to the realization that I can definitely be of aid to those who have aches and pains and even emotional disturbances. I can even apply these non-pharmacological techniques to patients."