Thursday, March 27, 2008

Success with the book SELF ANALYSIS

Naz completed the Self Analysis Book Course and has this to say: "If one were to walk into the SoMa Mission with an empty tool belt and had only one book that they could read before going to Anarctica, I would suggest that they read Self Analysis and take it with them. This has been an incredibly intimate journey. With courage and an intense curiosity for what it was/is that I am composed of, I was able to come through the other side with a greater understanding of self - leading to a better ability to master self. It takes strength to read this book. Even more - it takes patience and dedication. But if there's anyone who is worth it and who has the most invested , it is YOU."
Naz wrote this success story while studying the book SELF ANALYSIS:
"While reading one of the longest lists, I was having trouble thinking of instances to answer the question about recalling a time when I exerting my command over an object. Like a lightning bolt, a moment from my childhood when I played soccer rushed in. It was SO funny to me to remember the incident. Everthing was vivid. Every emotion was in the present. and right there in the course room for several minutes straight, I was having the most uncontrollable bout of laughter. I laughed so much that my eyes were watering and tears managed to escape down my cheek. Energy flooded my body and at roughly 9 PM at the end of a long and busy day, I felt a new rush of vigor. It was beyond great - AMAZING!"