Thursday, August 23, 2007

Success Through Communication Course

Ana just completed Success Through Communication Course. She had an 910 point increase on her personality test. Her happiness level alone went up 148 points!!! She has just signed up for Dianetics Book 1 auditing and the Dianetics Basics Book course! Here is her success story:

The Success Through Communication Course has been a great experience for me. I noticed immediate changes in my communication skills at work and in my personal life. While I was on the course I realized that I was having a hard time with a lot of the drills because I was introverted. I never really noticed that I was focusing on me and my emotions instead of my ideas and intention. This course has helped me shift my focus and therefore communicate effectively. In addition to the course I read the books The Problems of Work and Dianetics: Evolution of a Science. Problems of Work helped me understand the importance of ARC and changed my attitude about work. I always thought that my life should be 10% work and 90% fun/pleasure. Now I know that I would be miserable with that ratio, therefore I am applying myself more at work and it's paying off.