Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My brother is winning with Scientology services

A success from Harry (right), Field Staff Member and New OT VIII:
"About 3 months ago, I shared with everyone my win on getting my brother started on the Bridge. He had just gotten his Life Repair. S
o it's been 3 months now, he's finished the Purif and is now on his TRs and Objectives course. He's winning and winning big!!!! I call him a few times a week and it is SO refreshing to hear the excitement in his voice with each of his new wins and each of his discoveries of the tech! He started on course 2 periods a week and now is at the mission 4-5 days each week on course. What he's discovered about the Reactive Mind has given him so much case gain. The other day he told me how he noticed his Reactive Mind kick in and him not dramatizing it. This is a major change for him. This is also handling his difficulties on the 2D. So my brother, an awesome brother to start with is now improving even more!"
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