Thursday, August 02, 2007

Using Scientology as a Mom

Amber Crotts has a new baby girl. She says:
So here is my success on using Scientology technology as a mom. On the recommendation of my wonderful auditor Carol, I started giving my daughter, Mikayla, Body Communication Assists to help her with her fussiness. When I started, it seemed like she got more fussy, but I just continued like LRH says to do and we got her through it. I have continued to do it if her fussiness gets particularly bad and have the same result. This is a wonderful tool and has helped us both tremendously. I have also been receiving weekly assists myself after a complicated and long labor resulting in a C-section. They have helped me feel better and be a better mom. My husband even commented that I seem happier after my weekly assists. Many thanks to LRH and to Carol for encouraging me to use his technology.