Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gaining the Ability to Create a Better Marriage

E.C. completed the course Starting a Successful Marriage. He says: "Since I have started and completed my course "Starting a Successful Marriage", I have noticed many changes in the way I treat my wife and others. I have been told for many years "you make up too many stories". I think this is because I always wanted to impress people. Now I love myself because I know people will like me for who I am. The biggest part of my life that has changed is my marriage. I have learned to talk to my wife, to apologize when I do something to hurt her feelings and to be honest with her. I don't interrupt her while she is speaking because I should care what she thinks and feels. I have learned that marriage can not bloom by love only, but needs attention and constant attention. You leave love alone and things get complicated. I have also used the tools learned from this course in my everyday life. I have more patience with my customers. I avoid interrupting people and act as if I care. If I don't understand something, I ask for explanations. My life with my wife can only get better with using the tools provided to me by the course. Thank you for all your help. "