Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wins with Scientology Basics Courses

Ricky completed the Science of Survival Course and says, “This course fully defines what a person’s next move may be. An auditor with the use of this book can be greatly effective in helping a person to regain a great amount of theta.”

Lisa had a success today in an auditing session, “I realized that I have been in my Grandmas valence. It was easy to spot this due to my recent studies on the Advanced Procedure and Axioms course. This is such a cool discovery! My grandma is a wonderful lady but she worries about everything to the max including worrying about herself. Just like I have. I have always gotten really upset with her because of the way she worries and I often snap at her. I know why now. I feel like I just lost 10 lbs- layers of criticalness, fear and tenseness.”