Friday, June 20, 2008

Course Completions

Naz finished The Basic Study Manual “I never thought that I could really learn so much from a heavily-illustrated book but I threw that consideration away once I began to see the manifestations of misunderstood words with my own eyes in real life. Now I know that I have the tools to learn and acquire knowledge more effectively. That is the best feeling to have before I go in, on and through my Basics! :)”

Lisa finished Advanced Procedure and Axioms and Thought, Emotion and Effort Lectures Course “Wow! I finally get it. So many areas of this science that I never thought I would have the ability to understand truly make sense to the fullest. I have been on this course for a few months and it has been quite an adventure. I have had cognitions in session that I would never have spotted without this material. Cognitions that knocked my socks off and got me into valence! If I had to pick one datum as my favorite (which would be very difficult to do!), I would say this - I am cause and responsible for everything including my aberrations. Yeah, you've heard it said before and we say ‘that makes sense, I guess’. But it’s not true unless you really experience it for yourself. On this course I observed this datum to be true and I can finally take responsibility for it. Thank you Sir!!”