Saturday, February 16, 2008

Science of Survival

David and Lisa both completed the Science of Survival Book and Lectures Course. Here are their success stories:

David- "I got a lot from this course. The main part that sticks out to me is how one's environment and life would be based on your tone level. If I am high toned then things will go well for me and those I am near. If I am low toned then things will turn bad and I will fail in life. Doing this course has raised my tone and increased my survival on all of my dynamics in a magical way. Only it's not magic - it's mathematically based on my tone that things will survive well. The value of this course can not be measured in dollars. You can't buy something this good. Well, I guess you can by buying the book and doing the course. (wink) "

Lisa- "I understand human behavior like I never have before. I wanted to get this information as fast as possible because I needed it badly and I am so happy that I put in so much extra study time and kept to this goal. I was really sick yesterday- I decided to read Science of Survival because I only had a few chapters left. Within minutes I was feeling better and had no attention on my body. I was able to wake up today feeling like I could take on life again. There is so much that came to light that I did not grasp or even think about before. I won't list each one out (you should just read this book!). It was like before I read Science of Survival I was wearing a hood over my head. I couldn't see anything and I kept wondering why things were a certain way and I would get frustrated at the way people acted or how I reacted to people. Now the hood is off and I can see! I have this trusty tool (the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation) and I know how to use it at work, with family, with friends, students and myself. The Basics are amazing- thank you L. Ron Hubbard! "