Thursday, October 25, 2007

Basics Courses Successes

The Mission is now delivering the Basics Books and Lectures Courses! Here are a few of the wins our students are having on just a few of these courses:

The Problems of Work Course:
"Wow! I cannot express just how enlightening this has been for me. Just during the reading of this book I have begun to apply the basics of good control and have been quite successful. My employees have become more productive and my employer has become more satisfied."

Self Analysis Book Course
“I feel a new understanding about life and how I can control it. I really understand survival and how to survive on a prosurvival level. It is so easy to understand and put into use. Thanks Ron.”

Fundamentals of Thought Book Course
“I’m reading about Reality – that it is simply agreement which you can reach with anyone with enough communication. And I realized just how powerful that is. We literally get to control and create our reality by simply reaching agreements with others on what it is. That is the joy of creating from yet another viewpoint. Just decide what you want, get agreement, and then, enjoy!”