Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Assists for Illnesses and Injuries

There is a book called the Scientology Handbook which is a practical guide to building a better world. It provides the wide range of breakthrough Scientology principles and technology for application to everyday living resolving the conditions that prevent happiness and fulfillment for individuals and civilization itself. There are 19 separate sections to this Handbook with companion courses, each dealing with a specific aspect of life, such as Children, Marriage, Answers to Drugs or The Emotional Tone Scale. Faina just finished the one teaching how to give Scientology Assist Processing. Here's what she says,

“Today I completed the Scientology Handbook course on assists. I really wanted to have an understanding about this and now I do. I like to help people so this is a great tool for me to have and to be able to do. I am excited to be able to use this for people.”