Friday, July 06, 2007

Wins on Grades Auditing!

Matt is having huge wins in auditing!!
He completed ARC Straightwire auditing yesterday and said, "I learned alot on this about myself - my history as a kid, what I was feeling then, etc. But the biggest gains were being fine and more comfortable in present time with all these new abilities that I can use. Near the middle and end the speed of recalling and handling stuff started getting alot faster, things were easier to get and stuff blew and cognitions came. Like with every step there are too many gains to list, but being more able like I am is the culmination of them!"

Matt started Grade 0 (Communication) today and is already completely blown out: "I had a win on communication. It was that when there is communication, there is really something there that is being transferred. I thought that was pretty cool. Looking at objects, people, ideas, there is always something there that I'm getting - how could you be mad or upset with stuff when they are all giving you things?"